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Pre-K Math Standards 2015-2016

By the end of the school year, students should be able to do the following with guidance and support from the teacher:

Counting and Cardinality Standards

  1. Recite numbers to 5 or beyond from memory
  2. Experiment with a combination of written representation
  3. Experiment with counting concrete objects and actions up to 3
  4. Experiment with comparing quantities using concrete objects to determine more, less and same

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Standards

  1. Experiment with the concepts of putting together and taking from using concrete objects
  2. Experiment with patterns that are developmentally appropriate

Measurement and Data Standards

  1. Experiment with measurable attributes of everyday objects
  2. Experiment with ordering two objects using attributes
  3. Sort, match, categorize or classify objects

Geometry Standards

  1. Correctly name circles, squares and triangles
  2. Recognize circles, squares and triangles in the environment
  3. Create shapes using developmentally appropriate materials
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