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Kelso’s Choice

Kelso's Choice WheelDear Parents,

Problems or disagreements are normal and often happens when children get together. However, hurtful words or hurtful actions (hitting, pushing, pinching, etc.) are unacceptable ways to deal with problems and disagreements at school.

Our goal is to teach students some positive ways to deal with these problems. To do this at AIS, we use Kelso’s Choice. Through this program we are teaching students who have small problems (someone taking their toy, someone not sharing, etc.) to try to solve the problem on their own before coming to a teacher for help. For prekindergarten, we want them to try at least two of the following ideas before asking for help:

1. Go to another game or activity.

2. Tell the person to stop the problem behavior.

3. Apologize.

4. Share and take turns.

*These are four of nine problem-solving choices from the Kelso’s Choice Wheel, pictured above. Of course, the teachers will immediately handle any serious problems that make a child feel unsafe or scared (big problems).

By using the Kelso’s Choice program, we believe that our students will develop independent problem-solving skills that they can use by themselves. It will help them to be confident about solving problems in a positive way and to make good decisions. Knowing what to do will help students reduce the stress and number of conflicts they have at school.

I encourage you to become familiar with this program and use it in your home. By working together, we can help your children to develop strong skills to solve problems with others, at home, and at school. For more information about the Kelso’s Choice program, take a look at http://kelsoschoice.com/community/parent-page/

If you have any question or would like more information, please feel free to email me.

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