Miss Lizz's PreK Class

An adventure into education

About Miss Lizz and Mrs. Cilia

Hello! I am Miss Lizz and I am so excited to be your child’s PreK teachers this year!

Here is a little bit of information so you can know me better.

Miss Lizz

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I am an active adventurer who enjoys the outdoors. My love for travel and interest in different cultures sparked my desire to become an international teacher and a free spirit.

After completing my undergraduate degree—a Bachelor of Arts with Honors, double majoring in English and Psychology from York University I received my Bachelor of Education, majoring in English, from the same university.

Upon graduation, I moved to a suburb outside of Seoul, South Korea to begin my teaching career. I worked at a private English academy for 14 months and gained invaluable experiences that further directed my teaching goals and invigorated my passion for teaching.

Teaching at a school with the International Baccalaureate Program had been my goal since I decided to teach internationally, so when the opportunity to work at an IB PYP school in Kazakhstan presented itself, I moved to Central Asia where I was able to realize that aim while also experiencing a truly internationally minded school. I was the head Grade 1 teacher at Kazakhstan International School during my first year at the school. Due to expansion at KIS, I moved to the middle school division and taught Grades 6 and 7 Math and Science.

One of my fondest memories growing up as a child is sitting and reading with my Grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Wright, in her big blue chair. She opened a book and asked me to read to her. Without hesitation I read the words on the page and excitedly realized that I could read! Moments like that throughout my life stick with me in appreciation that teaching and learning are beautiful and dynamic experiences.

This is my fourth year teaching at AIS Kuwait. For the past three years, I taught Grade 5 and it was a wonderful experience. Now I am ready for a new challenge and am so excited to be teaching in PreK and getting back in touch with very young learners. I trust that it will be a wonderful teaching and learning experience for all of us involved!