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Weekly Update: Sunday, May 21st-Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Last week was a great week full of events. Student-Led conferences were such a sucess for our students. Thank you for coming and letting your child share their knowledge with you. We are so proud of all they have learned this year! I hope you enjoyed it all!

Here are some pictures of the evening:

Last week, we also had such a fun time during Water and Bubbles Day! The kids enjoyed all the activities and getting to have a fun-filled day! Teachers and parents had great things to say about the day. Even though it was exhausting, it was so rewarding and we are happy for all the great responses. Thank you so much for your continued help and support. We couldn’t pull off fun days like this without you!

Here are some pictures of our students having a blast:

Missing Clothes

As the girls were being independent and changing themselves after our water activities on Thursday, 2 of Lara’s shirts got misplaced.

Lara’s white t-shirt that she was wearing for the water activity is missing, as well as her white sleeveless top that was in her Ziploc bag to wear after the activity is missing too!

If your daughter came home with an unfamiliar white t-shirt and an undershirt/sleeveless top, please return it to school right away.


This week, we will explore how we can express ourselves through art. We attended a choir performance by the high school students today, and we also enjoyed painting to music. We will continue to explore our artistic sides this week as we make our own works of art and express ourselves through this very creative form of play. We will be displaying our creations inside and outside of our class, so be sure you take a look when you come to drop off or pick up your child.

Fatma, from Grade 6, reading to us during Lunch Time:

Watching the high school choir sing this morning:


Painting to music today:

A Great Article About Creativity

Recently, one of our Pre-K teachers came across this very interesting article about the importance of creativity and imagination in child development. It’s a great read. I strongly recommend you take a look. The link is below:

The Importance of Imagination and Creativity in Children’s Development

Important Dates

Tuesday, May 23rd: No school. High school graduation.

Thursday, May 25th: Relaxed dress/Dress down Day!

Sunday, May 28th: Ramadan hours begin (tentatively). Students 9:30-12:30


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