Dear Families,

Last week we got to learn about our pet turtles (who have never been named) and experience how they are different from our slow moving friend, Mr. Tortoise. The turtles are water animals compared to the land tortoise and they moved much faster, swimming in their bowl or even scurrying across the table when we took them out to examine them. Our students learned the importance of being very gentle with the turtles, cleaning their water every other day, feeding them with the little (dried) bugs they eat, and making sure they are warm by putting them in the sun. We also learned that humans have to wash their hands after touching turtles so that we can be clean too.

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week is our last week of our Sharing the Planet unit. We will learn about our final class pets: the hamsters. We will review the properties of living things and  and our responsibility towards them, as well as how our human behaviour impacts the hamsters, and other living things in general. Our students really have seemed to enjoy their hands-on learning experiences throughout the unit and have become very knowledgeable about pets and their needs.


3-Way Conferences

This week we will be having our second round of 3-Way Conferences in the Elementary School. We are so excited to meet with you and share all the progress of your child. Each and every student has learned and grown so much already this year. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday or Wednesday evening!

Important Dates

Tuesday, March 14th and Wednesday, March 15th: 3-Way Conferences from 4:30-7:30 PM. A sign-up sheet will be sent to you by the Elementary Office.

Thursday, March 16th: No School for the Elementary Grades

Thursday, March 30th: Dress Down/Free Dress Day