Last week was a great International Week. To all the parents who helped and contributed in a variety of ways, thank you for helping us make International Day an exciting and enriching experience for our young learners!

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week, we will continue exploring the differences between living and non-living things and categorizing them. Today, we observed and interacted with a real, live fish, and a a toy fish to help us determine the properties of living things. To see if the fish were breathing, we looked for bubbles in both of the fish bowls. There were no bubbles in the toy fish’s bowl, but the real fish’s bowl had air bubbles. We fed the toy fish and the real fish. Only the real fish ate the food. We noticed that our toy fish’s water was very clear and he wasn’t going to the bathroom at all, but in our real fish’s bowl, it was a little murkier and we even saw some fish poop. While neither of our fish had babies, the students were able to understand that the toy fish could not make babies because he is not real, but the real fish could make babies if there were a mommy fish with him. We watched our toy fish sit at the bottom of his bowl and not move, but our real fish was swimming around his bowl by himself. We are now working towards the understanding that all living things breathe, eat and drink, go to the bathroom, can have babies, and move on their own.

On Tuesday, January 24th, Pet Zone will be coming to AIS to visit and share with our class about different pets and how we can care for them. This will give students the opportunity to learn all about how human behavior impacts living things. Student will get to pet and otherwise interact with the animals. It should be lots of fun! If you have not already sent in your permission form with the 3KD, please do so ASAP.

We Need More Wet Wipes!!!

If you haven’t done so already, please send in more wet wipes/baby wipes with your child. We have used all the ones sent in at the beginning of the year, and are in need of more, please!  Please send in 2 big packages of wet wipes/baby wipes with your child!

At Home Connections

If you have a pet at home, or you visit a farm regularly, encourage your child to help take care of the pet or farm animals. As your child is caring for the animals, you can ask questions to help him/her to think about why they need to care for the animal. Here are a few examples of questions you could ask your child:

Why do you need to feed the cat every day?
What do we need to do if the dog gets sick?
What might happen to the horse if you don’t give it water?
Why does the fish need to stay in the water?
Why do we need to clean the bird cage?
How do you think the rabbit feels when you play with it? Why?

Important Dates

Thursday, January 26th: Dress Down/Free Dress Day

Tuesday, February 7th: No school for students. Staff Professional Development Day.

Thursday, February 23rd: Dress Down/Free Dress Day

Saturday, February 25th and Sunday, February 26th: National Day/ Liberation Day. No school on Sunday, February 26th.