Dear Parents and Students,

Every year at AIS we celebrate International Day. This year Pre-K- KG2 will be celebrating International Day on Wednesday, January 18th. The rest of the Elementary, Middle and High School will be celebrating on Thursday, January 19th. The 19th will be an early dismissal day for all students. Dismissal will be at 12 NOON.

KG International Day activities will include a dance assembly, participating in sports from different cultures, creating art connected with different regions on the world, and trying different international foods.

Tuesday, December 17th is Cultural Dress Day. Students may dress in clothes that are representative of any culture, such as traditional cultural dress. Students may also wear the colours of a country, but no flags please.

Wednesday, December 18th is International Day. Students may wear their uniforms. If you purchased the International Day T-Shirt this year for your child, he or she can wear it on Wednesday, December 18th with uniform pants. This week, we will be sending home the T-Shirts to the students who purchased them. 

We are asking you to help out with our International Day celebrations in a few different ways.


We are looking for chaperones to move around with our class (along with the teacher and TA) to each of the region areas and help engage the students in the various art and sport activities.

Our class still needs 2 volunteers from 8:00-1:00 p.m..

Please let me know if you would like to volunteer.


We would like to decorate four areas of the school to represent each of the four regions- Asia and the Middle East; Africa; Europe; and North/South America and Australia. If you have anything you could lend us for the day or donate we would love to incorporate them.

  • Decorations may be items such as fabrics, artwork, photo or other decor items
  • Please remember that this is a flag-free celebration
  • Label your items so they can be returned to you

Please contact me to let me know what decorations you are able to lend or donate.



Our KG International Day celebrations will be divided into 4 regions of the world- Asia and the Middle East; Africa; Europe; and North/South America and Australia. This year, each class is having their own individual food party, so we are asking you to donate food for our class so that the students can try and enjoy foods from a variety of regions and cultures.

Please note the following:

  • ALL FOOD MUST BE NUT FREE – to ensure a safe celebration for everyone, we all food must be made without nuts. This includes foods with Nutella and hazelnuts.
  • If possible, please make the food easily shareable by having it cut into small pieces or separated into individual servings.
  • We only need enough food to share with our own class (18 students).
  • The food should be brought to school during drop off on Wednesday, January 18th.

To ensure that we have a variety of food which is representative of all region, please sign up for which food you will be able to provide. A sign-up sheet is posted outside our class room on our bulletin board. If you already signed up before, you do not need to do it again.

Here is the list as of now.

fullsizerenderIf you would like to e-mail me with what you would like to bring form the list, you can do that and I will add your name to the list. If the item is already taken, I will let you know and you can choose another.

If you have anything special you would like to provide, which is not on the list, please ask me.

Thank you for your help and support in making this a fantastic International Day for our KG students!

All the best,

Miss Lizz and Mrs. Cilia