Last week we made healthy strawberry, banana smoothies in our class! It was a fun and hands-on way to experience how we change the way food looks and feels, and even tastes. Students got to cut up bananas and we added them to our strawberries and almond milk in the blender. Then we blended it all up! There was so much excitement and giggles for the blender. Then we got to taste our yummy creation. Most of our students really enjoyed it! Check out the pictures:

Sunglasses Needed for Special Flag Assembly

On Wednesday, PreK will be attending and participating in the Flag Assembly. The Administration team has requested that our PreK students help them with a special performance of the song Here Comes the Sun! All the PreK classes will be wearing special sun hats/headbands we make in class and we want to have them wear sunglasses. Please send in a pair of sunglasses with your child anytime this week. We will hold on to them and use them on Wednesday. Also on this day, since we will be attending the flag assembly, we need all the students to be here before 7:40 AM so that we will be ready for the flag assembly!

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week we will continue to explore the differences of day and night. We are learning about the different activities we do during the day and night, and how and why we adapt our behaviours or routines to the day and night. On Wednesday, we will have Pajama Day at school and we will do activities that we do at the night time during the day time, like read bedtimes stories as we wear our pajamas and snuggle up with pillows and blankets, pretend to sleep, and eat some snacks like popcorn and watch a movie!

To facilitate our understanding of day and night and the changes in our routines, we will read some books. This week, we have Bunny Day, Song of Night, Time To Get Up Time to Go, and Night Night Spot.

Class Party Wednesday

Because Wednesday is the last day before the Winter Holiday, we thought it would be nice to have a small party in our class. We will have the part after our second recess. We are trying very hard to make sure that only healthy food comes into our classroom. So if you would like to send in food with your child, please make sure it is healthy. Also, we only have 19 students and they are very small and do not eat much. We are requesting that if you send in any food item, that you only send in 10 pieces. We can cut things in half or some students won’t want everything offered to them. Examples of healthy food to send in are: cut up fruits, cut up veggies, mini sandwiches, fruit salad, and other similar items. Please DO NOT send in cupcakes, donuts, and sugar-filled junk like that.

We Need More Wet Wipes!!!

Please send in more wet wipes/baby wipes with your child in January. We have used all the ones sent in at the beginning of the year, and are in need of more, please!  Please send in 2 big packages of wet wipes/baby wipes with your child!

Important Dates

***PLEASE NOTE:International Week has been moved from this week to the week of Sunday, January 15th-Wednesday, January 18th. KG International Day will now be Wednesday, January 18th, 2017. Cultural Dress Day will now be Tuesday, January 17th, 2017. Also, toilet paper or paper towel rolls/tubes are NO LONGER NEEDED!*** 

Monday, December 19th: Stripe Day.  Wear anything with stripes!

Tuesday, December 20th: Inside Out Day. Wear whatever you like, but turn it inside out!

Wednesday, December 21st: Pajama Day.  Wear your comfy, warm pajamas, bring a blanket, and bring a favourite bedtime toy and story if you like. Throughout the day we will be singing different bedtime and pajama songs, reading bedtime stories, and having fun with other bed and pajama-themed activities! (KG and PK will not be participating in Twin Day with rest of the elementary school.)

Thursday, December 22nd-Saturday, January 7th: Winter Break!

Sunday, January 8th: First day back after Winter Break! Please be sure to send in 2 big packages of wet wipes/baby wipes with your child!