This morning, we reflected on our previous week about how and why we change as we grow older, and the way we adapt to those changes. Students were able to look back on all we talked about and confidently state how they have changed as they have grown, and how they will continue to change as they get older. We sung the song, Everything Grows by Raffi and did some actions to further solidify our learning and understanding.You can also listen to the song by clicking this link: Everything Grows by Raffi.


What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week our inquiry into the Central Idea, Changes cause humans to adapt, will be explored as we discover the differences of day and night. We will discuss why there is a day and why there is a night and how they occur. We will talk about how we do things differently at night versus during the day. We will also inquire into if we need to adapt our actions to the day or to the night, and what it would be like if we did not change our behaviour and activities to suit the time of day.

To facilitate our understanding of day and night and the changes that occur and cause us to adapt, we will begin this week by reading books that help the students understand what is different about day and night and why. We will be reading What Makes Day and Night, Day and Night, and The Nights of the World. 


Next week, we will be exploring more about how we adapt to changes of day and night. We will have a pajama day in school and this will be a fun way to act like it’s nighttime at school for a bit. More to come about that next week!!!

At Home Connections

Day versus night is an awesome area of interest for young children. You can discuss the similarities and differences of what they do in the morning and at night at home, such as brushing teeth, eating meals, wearing appropriate clothing, and waking up for the day or getting ready for bed to sleep during the night. Talking with your child about the different routines or schedules you have and keep for different parts of the day will help him/her to understand the changes we make and the way we adapt to our days.

Reading some stories or watching YouTube videos or songs about day and night are great ways to branch off what we will be learning in class.

Important Dates

***PLEASE NOTE:International Week has been moved from this week to the week of Sunday, January 15th-Wednesday, January 18th. KG International Day will now be Wednesday, January 18th, 2017. Cultural Dress Day will now be Tuesday, January 17th, 2017. Also, toilet paper or paper towel rolls/tubes are NO LONGER NEEDED!*** 

Thursday, December 15th: Dress Down Day! The last one of 2016!!!

Wednesday, December 21st: Pajama Day in PreK! Last day of school before the Winter Break!

Thursday, December 22nd-Saturday, January 7th: Winter Break!

Sunday, January 8th: First day back after Winter Break!