Last week, we had the amazing opportunity to witness a huge weather change in Kuwait: Thunderstorms and rainy days! It was such a great time to talk to our students about change and what happens when the weather changes and how we humans adapt to those changes. We learned that it gets cold and wet outside, so we must wear the right clothes to go outside and play. Umbrellas, jackets, and rain boots were necessary clothes to go out and jump in the puddles and play in the rain! Look at all the fun we had!

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

Students have been really connecting with our concepts of this unit. Due to the awesome connections and authentic experiences we have had in class, I have slowed down some of our learning engagements to allow for more time to make those real-life links and go with the flow of student understanding in the past week.

This week, we will still be continuing our inquiry into the changes that occur as we grow up. As we did not get to it last week as planned, this week we will talk and share about the changes we will experience as we continue to grow bigger, what we think we will be like when we are older, and how we must adapt to those changes.

Last week, we made chocolate covered pretzels to have a hands-on, almost immediate experience of change. The kids loved it and are getting much better at describing how things change and pint pointing the cause of the change. For example, with this cooking experiment, the students were very clearly able to notice and explain that the microwave is hot, which is why the chocolate became soft. They were also able to identify that by putting the chocolate covered pretzels in the fridge made them cold, thereby making the chocolate hard again.

This week, we will be making smoothies in class to see how solids turn into liquids and that ingredients that we could once eat with our hands now require us to adapt and drink them out of a cup due to the machine that blends everything together.

At Home Connections

Since we still did not to cover some concept areas as planned last week, some of our at home connections from last week are still very applicable this week. It would be great to discuss how one day your child will be come a grown up like mommy or daddy and that they will get to choose what they want to be when they get older and that they will need to grow and do things, based on those decisions.

Important Dates

***PLEASE NOTE:International Week has been moved from this week to the week of Sunday, January 15th-Wednesday, January 18th. KG International Day will now be Wednesday, January 18th, 2017. Cultural Dress Day will now be Tuesday, January 17th, 2017. Also, toilet paper or paper towel rolls/tubes are NO LONGER NEEDED!*** 

Thursday, December 8th: No School

Wednesday, December 21st: Pajama Day in PreK! Last day of school before the Winter Break!

Thursday, December 22nd-Saturday, January 7th: Winter Break!

Sunday, January 8th: First day back after Winter Break!

Our December Calendar is now posted on our Calendar page of our blog!