Dear Parents,

The Elementary School is excited to support Marina Habashy, a senior student here at AIS, as she works to create a thank you package for all the AIS workers who do so much for all of us throughout the year.

Each grade level has agreed to collect specific items.  Our challenge as the PreK team is to collect the following items:70 tubes of toothpaste (the large tubes) and 70 toothbrushes!

Our class will be collecting 70 tubes of toothpaste (the large tubes) and 70 toothbrushes and along with 5 other PreK classes, we hope to have enough for each AIS Worker  (70 in total).

We hope that you as parents will support us and your children in this challenge by purchasing 1 large tube of toothpaste and 1 toothbrush and sending it in with your child by December 11, 2016.

On behalf of all the Elementary School and Marina Habashy, we thank you for your support.

Miss Lizz and Mrs. Cilia