Thank you to all the parents, students, and other family members who came to conferences last week to share and celebrate our students’ learning. It was wonderful to sit down and talk with you, as well as enjoy your child sharing all of his/her work with you. I trust that every parent, sibling, nanny, and grandparent was just as proud as Mrs. Cilia and myself of the growth we have experienced so far this year.

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week, we will continue inquiring into and discussing the changes that occur as we grow up. We already spent some time viewing our baby pictures and discussing what we were able to do as babies and what we were like then, compared to now, as young children. We will be learning about how and why we change as we grow up, focusing on what we are like now and how we have to adapt to being children. By the end of the week, we will talk and share about the changes we will experience as we continue to grow bigger, what we think we will be like when we are older, and how we must adapt to those changes.

To help explain the concepts of change, causation, reflection, consequences, discovery, and interdependence, we have been reading many different books about growing up. These stories provide our young learners with chances for connections, pictures that go along with the ideas, and a wide variety of literacy opportunities to use strategies that help developing our reading skills. Here are the books we will be reading this week:

Home Connections

It is important that our young learners have ample opportunity to talk about the concepts learned in class. As we are focusing on how and why things change, as well as the necessity of adapting to change, you can continue to ask questions about change that occur every day in life.

Furthermore, you can speak with your child about how they have changed from when they were a baby until now, and how they will continue to change as they get older. If you have an older child or cousin, comparing and contrasting what your child in PreK is like with the older child is a great way to explore the concept of change. You can also discuss how one day your child will be come a grown up like mommy or daddy and that they will get to choose what they want to be when they get older and that they will need to grow and do things, based on those decisions.

Important Dates

Sunday, December 4th-Thursday, December 8th: KG Land International Week (more details to come!) PLEASE send in at least 1 empty toilet paper roll with your child for an activity we will do this week!

Wednesday, December 7th: Cultural Dress Day for International Week-The day to wear clothes from your home country or region. This is a FLAG-FREE celebration, so please, no clothes with flag of a country or region.

Thursday, December 8th: KG Land International Day–The day to wear the International Day T-Shirts you ordered!