On Thursday, we had so much fun during Sports Day!!! The kids got to participate in a bunch of different activities that were fun and developed their fine-motor and gross-motor skills. Here are some pictures from Sports Day:

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week, we will continue inquiring into our second unit of inquiry about How The World Works. We will be exploring our Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry as we discuss the changes that occur as we grow up. We are going to be reflecting on what we were like as babies, and what we were ale to do as babies, and how things have changed and grown so that we are the way we are now, with all of our abilities and interests. Next week we will discuss what it will be like as we grow bigger and how we must adapt to those changes.

Please send in a picture of your child doing something (e.g. holding a bottle, crawling, lying in a crib, riding in a stroller, etc.) when he/she was a baby. We will be discussing what we were like when we were babies, how and why we have grown and changed, and why we need to adapt to the changes of life as we get older. We will need these photos for Tuesday, November 23rd, so please send them in on Sunday or Monday. If you need to, you can just send it to my e-mail address and I will print it off!

Like last week, in order to understand the concept of change, we will still be making small changes around the classroom to help students understand the concept of change and how we must adapt to changes that affect us.

To show the concept of change very clearly and in a way the children can interact with by using their five senses, we will also continue making different food items that have really visible changes. Last week, we made Jello! This was very fun for the students as they got to taste, touch, smell, and see changes happening drastically and instantly. Here are some pictures showing the changes we observed while making Jello:

Home Connections

Change happens all around us, every day! You can help your child to understand the concepts of change, causation, and adaptation whenever you experience any change. For example, you can ask different questions for each idea of change.

How things change

  • point out the change or ask your child, “What changed?”, “Did ____ change?”, and “How did ______ change?”

Causes of change

  • “Why did _______ change?” and “Why do you think ______ changed?”

The necessity of adapting to change

  • “What would happen if _______ didn’t change?”, “What if ______ stayed the same?”, “Did/Do we need _________ to change?”

Important Dates

Tuesday, November 22nd and Wednesday, November 23rd: 3-Way Conferences from 4:30-7:30 PM. A sign-up sheet will be sent to you by the Elementary Office.

Thursday, November 24th: No School

Sunday, December 4th-Thursday, December 8th: KG Land International Week (more details to come!) PLEASE send in at least 1 empty toilet paper roll with your child for an activity we will do this week!

Thursday, December 8th: KG Land International Day–The day to wear the International Day T-Shirts you ordered!