What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

Last week, we began our second Unit of Inquiry about How The World Works. We are exploring the Central Idea: Changes cause humans to adapt. Throughout the unit, we will focus on the Key Concepts of Change, Causation, and Reflection and the Related Concept of Discovery, Interdependence, and Consequences. As we explore changes, we will question why and how things change, as well as the necessity of adapting to change. Remember, for an overview of our Units of Inquiry for the year, you can always look on the Units of Inquiry page of our blog.

In order to understand the concept of change, we will be organizing various learning engagements that are hands on and allow our students to actually experience change and use the five senses to understand the changes that are happening, learning about cause and effect and helping to answer are three teacher questions of the unit:

  1. How do things change?
  2. Why do things change?
  3. Do we need to adapt to change?

Last week, in order to understand the concept of change, we started by making small changes around the classroom, such as where and how we sit on the carpet during Morning Message, where the teacher sits during story time, and walking in between the lines, instead of on the lines, to go outside for recess.

We also read about and discussed how our feelings can change based on our reactions to different situations. We are learning that our feelings can change many times throughout the day and we are learning to notices how these changes happen and why they happen, and what results because of these changes. So far, we have read about and discussed the feelings of sad and angry. We read the books A Color Of His Own and Leon The Chameleon to understand sadness and to identify the causes of the chameleons’ sadness. We also did some art to show changes in colour. The kids loved this activity and made all sorts of comments about the water in their cups changing colour and the paint on their plates mixing and changing. It was a really great learning engagement that provided hands-on learning of what change is.

We started learning about being angry and what causes us to be angry. We read I Was So Mad and discussed what makes us mad and what we do when we are mad. We revisited the Mind Jars we made in our last unit and talked about being able to wait and cool off when we are mad. We will continue understanding the emotions of angry as we read this week. We will read When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry. We will also be exploring other emotions this week, like happy, excited, proud, and more.

To really engage in activities that allowed the students to use their senses, we made popcorn with an air popper to see how popcorn is made from a small, hard, yellow kernel of corn that you cannot eat safely to a large, soft, white fluffy piece of popcorn that smells and tastes delicious. We learned that we need a special machine to change the popcorn and that the change happens because the popcorn heats up.

Home Connections

Experiencing change is part of life. Helping your child to identify different types of change and cause and effect will be really helpful for this unit. Some things you might do:

  • Invite your child into the kitchen to observe how foods change as they are prepared for being eaten. Ask your child questions such as “How did this carrot change when I cut it with the knife?”; “What do you think will happen to macaroni when I cook it in the hot water?” (Have your child try to poke the macaroni with a fork before and after it is cooked); “Why is it important for you to be away from the oven when it is on, but it is okay for you to be near it when it is off?”
  • Notice your child’s emotions and help point them out to him/her or identify the emotions with your child. Help them to understand the cause of their emotions. If the emotions are negative, help them figure out ways they can change their emotions into more positive ones and why that might be important.

Important Dates

Thursday, November 17th: Sports Day! We are Wearing PURPLE! Dismissal is at 12:00 NOON

Tuesday, November 22nd and Wednesday, November 23rd: 3-Way Conferences from 4:30-7:30 PM. A sign-up sheet will be sent to you by the Elementary Office in the coming weeks.

Thursday, November 24th: No School

Sunday, December 4th-Thursday, December 8th: KG Land International Week (more details to come!)

Thursday, December 8th: KG Land International Day–The day to wear the International Day T-Shirts you ordered!