Over the weekend, teachers here at AIS (myself included) participated in wonderful Professional Development. We had trainers from the IB come and teach us about all sorts of best practices for inquiry that will help us improve the teaching and learning  that happens in our classrooms.

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week we are finishing up our first Unit of Inquiry. We are reflecting on Who We Are and reviewing the concepts we have learned throughout the unit. Next week, we will begin our inquiry into How The World Works. 

For Math, our focus this week is on shapes. We are recognizing the basic shapes–circle, square, and triangle–as well as exploring diamonds, hearts, ovals, rectangles, and stars. Students love singing songs and finding real-life examples of shapes in our environment.

At Home Connections

You can continue to support literacy and numeracy development by point out what signs in the environment say, reading the words and the numbers on them. You can continue to work with your child to help recognize the letters in his or her first name and to recognize numbers up to 10, counting them from memory and in one to one correspondence (counting one number for each object being counted). You can also talk about shapes and ask your child to find shapes in their environment. For example, the clock is a circle. The window is a square (or rectangle), maybe you have earrings that are triangles.

International Day T-Shirts

If you would like to purchase a shirt for your child for International Day, please fill out this form and return it, along with 5KD to me by Thursday, November 3rd, please!


Important Dates and Reminders:

If you have not done so already, please send in a SMOCK for ART as soon as you can! Almost every child has brought in a smock. We are only waiting for a few more. I will send individual reminders next week.    

The November Calendar has now been posted on the “Calendars” page. Please follow the link: November Calendar

Thursday, November 3rd: Last day to get your order form and 5KD in for International Day T-Shirts!

Thursday, November 17th: Sports Day! More info will be coming soon!

Tuesday, November 22nd and Wednesday, November 23rd: 3-Way Conferences from 4:30-7:30 PM. A sign-up sheet will be sent to you by the Elementary Office in the coming weeks.

Thursday, November 24th: No School