Last week we had so much fun visiting Little Gym in Jabriya as our first field trip! Students got to use their fine and gross motor skills using balloons, rhythm sticks, their own hands and feet, coloured areas, and all the fun equipment at Little Gym. It is an excellent place for children to go and just be kids while learning to use their bodies in multi-modal ways!

Here are some pictures from our field trip:

We also had our picture day for school! Here are some pictures I snapped while we were waiting for the photographer:

What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week, we will continue to inquire into what makes individuals unique and what is special about each one of us.

Focusing on our Unit’s Lines of InquiryPhysical, social, and emotional characteristics, we have explored the Key Concept of Form and the Related Concept of Identity. We are asking and answering the questions: What makes individuals unique?

Last week we shared our “All About Me” bags and learning about what others in our class like and things that are special to them. This week, each student will be creating his or her own “All About Me Book”. Students will draw themselves, their families, their favourite things, identify if they are a boy or girl, identify the first letter of their names, and colour their favourite colour. All of their hard work will be put into a book that each student will have as a reminder of how unique he or she is. It’s also a great opportunity for students to compare and contrast their similarities and differences with other students in our class.

In Math, we will continue to sort, categorize, and match objects according to shape, size, color and number. We will also continue recognizing different shapes, like circle, square, triangle, heart, and star.

At Home Connections

This week, you can continue to support the learning in our classroom by emphasizing all the things that make your child unique or special. You can help them understand that there is only one of each person and each person is special for so many different reasons.

You can continue to support literacy and numeracy development by point out what signs in the environment say, reading the words and the numbers on them. You can continue to work with your child to help recognize the letters in his or her first name and to recognize numbers up to 10, counting them from memory and in one to one correspondence (counting one number for each object being counted).

Important Dates and Reminders:

If you have not done so already, please send in a SMOCK for ART as soon as you can!      

Ms. Laney wants to paint with the kids and is waiting for smocks to come in!

Thursday, October 27th: Wacky Thursday!  Our dress down day theme is dress in wacky, mismatched clothes and hair!  Come to school dressed in your wackiest outfit. OR Free Dress Day. Children can come in non-uniform clothes that are appropriate for school.

Sunday, October 30th: No School for Students. Staff Professional Development Day.