What’s Happening In Our Class This Week

This week we are inquiring into ourselves and what we like and what makes us special.

Focusing on our Unit’s Lines of InquiryPhysical, social, and emotional characteristics, we have explored the Key Concept of Form and the Related Concept of Identity. We are asking and answering the questions: What makes individuals unique?

We are exploring what makes us unique by sharing our “All About Me” bags and learning about what others in our class like and do not like. We are also learning about different types of emotions or feelings and what we look like and feel like when experiencing these different emotions. We have been reading books and singing songs about our feelings, colouring with different colours to represent our feelings, and making different faces to try to show our emotions. We are using what we learned last week—about caring for our relationships—to help us recognize and consider others’ emotions or feelings when we are working together.

For Math, we have been sorting, categorizing, matching and classifying objects according to shape, size, color and number. We are also working on recognizing different shapes, like circle, square, triangle, heart, and star.

Library Books!!! Recently, I had someone ask me about taking out library books with PreK students. This can ABSOLUTELY be done, and is strongly encouraged. Here is what you need to know:

  • Parents can go to the library and set up a parent account with one of the librarians.  They do not need a student ID.
  • Parents are allowed to take out two books at a time, not from the same series or author or subject. And not from the Professional section or textbooks.
  • Books are allowed to be borrowed for up to 6 school days.  In order to checkout out new books both books must be returned to the library.

At Home Connections

This week, you can support the learning in our classroom by talking about what makes us special or unique, and how each and every person is special in his or her own way. You can also discuss emotions and help your child recognize his or her emotions by helping to name emotions that they are experiencing, especially the trickier ones like frustrated, proud, grumpy, etc. You can also continue to reinforce using Kelso’s Choices to solve problems at home and to try to be good problem solvers.

One of the books we are reading is The Way I Feel. Here is a version of the book on YouTube for you to watch/read with your child: The Way I Feel

You can also work on some Math with your child. Kids are great helpers for sorting things into different piles, or putting away laundry, or dishes because they can sort where things go. Also, they can clean up and organize their toys, putting similar toys into one bin. You can also have your child identify shapes in the real world. For example, you could ask them. “What shape is the clock?” Or ask them to find a square somewhere in the car while you a going somewhere.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, October 18th: Picture Day. Students wear their regular uniforms.

Thursday, October 20th: Field Trip to Little Gym, Jabriya. From approximately 8:30-10:30 AM.

Thursday, October 27th: Free Dress Day. Children can come in non-uniform clothes that are appropriate for school.

Sunday, October 30th: No School for Students. Staff Professional Development Day.

Pictures from Last Week