Dear Parents,

Today you will notice an ID card attached to your child’s bag. This is their ID card that will allow them to enter the school. Starting Tuesday, September 20th, we will open the turnstiles and all children and adults will need to go through with their card or fingerprint. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE ID CARD from the bags unless you are changing their bag. The tie is stretchy enough to just pull it away from the bag and reach the scanner.

To use the card, hold it in front of the fingerprint scanner. The scanner should recognize that card in just one or two seconds, and then the gate will unlock. Security staff will be available to assist you, if needed.  

The reason that your child needs to use an ID card, rather than a fingerprint, is because the scanners do not recognize the fingerprint. This is the same for all KG students.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you have problems with the scanner tomorrow, security staff should direct you to the IT department. 

Also starting tomorrow, we will strictly be enforcing that kisses and goodbyes be done in the hallway outside our classroom so that students can begin to adjust again to understanding that their classroom is a safe place for them to come and learn with their friends and to be able to be independent. We know this is tough (maybe more so for the parents than the students), but we really want our morning routines to start strong and allow the quick transition and drop off will help with this.

Thanks so much!


Miss Lizz and Mrs. Cilia