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Weekly Update:Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Dear Parents and Students,

We trust you had a relaxing and enjoyable Eid Break. We are so excited to have all of our students back and excited to learn!

This week, we will begin our first Unit of Inquiry about Who We Are. We will be exploring the Central Idea: Building relationships develops our understanding of ourselves and others. We will focus on the Key Concept of Connection and the Related Concept of Relationships. As we explore our connections to people, we will share pictures of our families and discuss what they do with us or for us and how we are connected to them, for example: “This is my daddy and he takes me shopping in the store.” “This is my mommy and she helps me take a shower.”

If you have not done so already, please send in your family photo right away! It can be as simple as taking a quick selfie with your mobile and sending it to me via e-mail at elizabeth.siegel@ais-kuwait.org

We will need the pictures ASAP so that each child can present and share his/her family with the class. Also, we are making a bar pictograph of family members so that we can see who has moms, dads, brothers, and sisters in their families and so that we can work with basic counting skills and one-to-one correspondence in Math.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 27th: Staff PD Day. No school for students.

Wednesday, September 28th: PreK Principal’s Assembly. This is only for students, we just wanted you to know so you can ask what your child did at school that day.

Thursday, September 29th: Spirit Day: Book Character Dress-Up/ Free Dress Day. Your child can come dressed as his/her favourite character from any favourite book. Alternatively, your child can come in non-uniform clothes.






Unit 1: Who We Are

Central Idea: Building relationships develops our understanding of ourselves and others.

Inquiry Into

  • Physical, social and emotional characteristics
  • Connections to people
  • Building relationships with people around us

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