welcome world


Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for trusting Mrs. Cilia and me with your precious little ones! This week has been an absolutely great start to our amazing year together! All of our students are beginning to adjust to their classroom community. The energy in our class is loving and eager. The tears are getting fewer and further between and the conversations and interactions are increasing each day!

These first few days, the children have been experiencing many different activities, including story time, singing and dancing, playing on the playground, and exploring a variety of toys and materials in the classroom. You can see some photos of what we have been up to on the Photos page.

Over the next days and weeks, Mrs. Cilia and I will continue to support each student to become comfortable with their classroom, their teachers, and their classmates while also focusing on learning the routines and procedures of being at school.

Mrs. Cilia and I love each and every one of our students so much already! They are really a joy to be with!


A few reminders for our final half-day for both A and B group:

  • Drop off starts at 7:15 AM. While I may be in and out of the classroom, Mrs. Cilia and I will be prepping until then.
  • Parents, siblings, and nannies are expected to say their good-byes at our cubby area. until Tuesday. Starting on Tuesday, with our whole days, good-byes will happen at the classroom door. We know that it may be stressful to you and your child to experience the tears and separation anxiety; however, we firmly believe that clear boundaries help our young ones from becoming even more stressed out and confused. Also, please be assured that even if your child is crying when you leave, he or she is adjusting quickly and is busy playing after 5-1o minutes!
  • Hang In There! Separation anxiety is very common especially during first school experiences and it means that a strong and loving bond exists between you and your child. It takes some children longer than others, so don’t be worried if it takes your child some time to say good-bye without tears. One day you’ll be able to look back at these first few days and be amazed at how far your child has come!
  • Good-byes should be short and special. The longer we allow students to fret about the fact they will be left at school without their caregivers, the more stressed out they become. Having a quick goodbye habit or routine is helpful. For example, you might give a hug and a kiss, you might say a special little saying, or you might high five and blow a kiss. If we continue to work together and be consistent, our students will gradually be able to enter the classroom without anxieties and with excitement for the upcoming day.
  • Please send HEALTHY, NUT FREE snacks. If you notice your child is coming home with most of his/her food uneaten, sending something different is suggested to see what they like and what works for you and your child. Every day, we offer a milk and a banana at first snack. Students are welcome to say, “Yes, please.” or “No, thank you.”
  • If there is anything that needs to be communicated with Mrs. Cilia or me, please do not hesitate to do so!


Miss Lizz and Mrs. Cilia