Dear Parents and Students,

For the first little while I will be e-mailing you the same thing as I post in the blog so that you can get used to the blog. Soon, I will only be posting information on our class blog and you can come here to check it.

It was so wonderful to meet with so many of you today and explore our classroom together. Mrs. Cilia and I are so excited to have you as part of our classroom community.

I wanted to give you a few quick reminders so that we can start the year comfortably and smoothly:

  • A group will start tomorrow on Monday, August 29th. B group will start on Tuesday, August 30th. Students will be at school from 7:15-11 AM for the staggered entry. Staggered entry will run for a week, and then all students will come for the full day, starting Tuesday, September 6th.


  • The schedule will look like this:


Monday, August 29th Group A
Tuesday, August 30th Group B
Wednesday, August 31st Group A
Thursday, September 1st Group B
Sunday, September 4th Group A
Monday, September 5th Group B
Tuesday, September 6th ALL STUDNETS


As a reminder of which students are in Group A and B, here are the two lists:

Staggered Entry 2016-2017 AStaggered Entry 2016-2017 B.jpg

Please keep in mind, students should only come with their group on their group days.


  • Our school is Allergy Aware. This means that we highly discourage any nuts from coming into the school due to some students with severe, life-threatening, nut allergies. Please be respectful of this and send your child to school with a snack and lunch FREE OF NUTS, including peanut butter, Nutella, or any other nut product. Also, we do have a severe nut allergy in the PreK hallway and would appreciate the extra care and attention to these strict guidelines.


  • Please send a change of clothes along with your child in case of toileting accidents or because they get messy for some other reason.


  • I have noticed that a lot of you have already signed up to follow our class blog! YAY!!! Thank you!!! If you haven’t already, please go to our class blog at and FOLLOW the blog by using the link on the right hand side that says “Follow”. You can enter your e-mail address in, and then every time I make a blog post, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the new post.


  • If you have not yet filled out your child’s information sheet (that has the contact information for parents), please make sure that you do so the next time you drop him or her off.

Have a great evening!


Miss Lizz and Mrs. Cilia